Why, hello there, Mr. Browning

The below NATO image shows the Hellenic Navy Elli-class (Dutch Kortenaer-class) frigate Adrias (F-459) in a passing exercise Italian Carlo Bergamini-class (FREMM-class) frigate Virginio Fasan (F591) northwest of Crete, on 3 June.

Of note, the Greek tin can has a WWII-era Browning M1919 light machine gun mounted just off the bridge wing.

Notably, the Greeks used U.S.-supplied M1919 after World War II, chambered in good ole .30-06 Springfield, alongside M1 Garands.

The “light” M1919A6 was 32.5 to 35 pounds depending on setup…but it was better than either the previously-issued Benet Mercie or the Chauchat. The model installed on the Greek frigate looks like pintle mounted M1919A4 models

The Greek Army largely replaced both with 7.62 NATO battle rifles (a blend of FN FALs, HK G3s, and M14s) and similarly-chambered GPMGs (FN MAG 58, MG3, M60) in the 1970s.

However, it looks like the old air-cooled .30-caliber Browning is still around in the Navy.

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