It would suck to be a fish off Taiwan this time of year

The Republic of China Army, formerly the KMT Army, popularly known outside of the ROC as the Taiwanese Army, is no slouch military-wise, having some 130,000 active troops and over a million reservists. The idea is to be too hard of a nut to crack without the enemy either A) having the will to turn the place into glass, which negates the prospect of reuniting a “renegade province” with the homeland, or B) lose an equivalent amount of troops to do it conventionally.

Bolstered by 900 M60 and M48 tanks, which have been much upgraded over the years, a small force of AH-64 Apaches and 1,700 artillery pieces of 105mm and up, their kit is kinda dated but is still a whole lot to chew on if you have to take the beaches there– and remember, an invasion of an island always comes down to pushing in from the surf line unless you want to pull Crete 1941 all over again.

Taiwan M60A3TTS tanks on a beach defense drill


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