Der Volkspistole 9L OR

In 2014, Heckler und Koch finally delivered a polymer-framed handgun to the market– the Volkspistole in its VP9 9x19mm and VP40 .40S&W variants– that actually felt good.

Don’t get me wrong, HK literally invented the plastic pistol with the VP70 back in the Disco-era, and moved into the USP in 1993, the P2000 (in 2001) and the P30 (2006), all of which were ergonomically uber blocky.

The standard VP9 first came out in 2014

The VP9, just in the past six years, has seen an increasingly on-point series of updates and was recently adopted by the Japanese military, who have been using alloy-framed SIG P220s for the past 40 years.

This month HK released their newest update to the VP9, the longslide optic-ready model, or VP9L OR, complete with 20-round magazines.

And it is beautiful.

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