The Ottomans liked a little flash

I’ve seen probably tens of thousands of historic edged weapons in my time, but I have to say this 18th/19th century  Turkish Yatagan probably comes closest to taking the cake when it comes to an ornate presentation sword.

From the Sofe Auction description:

Featuring massive hilt with traditional eared grips of marine nature and seldom encountered form, gilt silver mounts with intricate filigree decorations, all set with numerous large fluted red corals to its hilt and upper scabbard. One side of the scabbard bearing an ink written number, matching to the number written on top of one of the large ears, and is most likely a Museum inventory number. Mounted with an unbelievably gorgeous large blade of traditional form but very nontraditional level of decoration, having large fire blued panels heavily inlaid with finest quality Gold Arabic scriptures, symbols and Koranic passages to both sides. In its beautiful repousse silver scabbard, depicting Islamic Temples, War Trophy panoplies, and wonderful floral scrolls.

You have to wonder how many times in this sword’s life it has been a war trophy in some soldier’s rucksack.

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