Books and covers

The old adage about judging a book by its cover is still very relevant today even as many steer away from bound printed media.

This post for a recent article landed on the site’s social media page.

The first two comments on the article, when posted to social media, were, “Awesome pistol, but at 43.5 oz empty I’m surprised she can hold it out there like that,” followed by “Find girl, make her hold gun is the advertising strategy of like 50% of manufacturers right now.”

The thing is, the woman in the photo, who is also the author of the article, is Taylor Thorne, a recognized 3Gun/USPA competitor that writes for us. I’ve met her in person several times and she is a really good person– in addition to being a great shooter. Should those guys have read the article before commenting, they would have seen that she has 30,000 rounds through the gun, which is several times more than what your typical handgun owner runs through a single pistol in most cases, and was delivering her feedback in a well-written review after hard testing in practice and competition.

It appears that she can hold it out there just fine.

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