Manurhin MR73s Inbound, Courtesy of Beretta

Beretta has quietly added two French-made Manurhin MR73 series revolvers to their U.S. offerings, available now through Beretta dealers.

Introduced in the early 1970s– hence the MR73 designation– the full-sized wheel gun is about the same size as a Colt Python or S&W K-frame and has a reputation for being beautifully made with a brilliant polished blue finish, and extremely rugged. 

Speaking to the latter, the guns are favored for use by French counter-terror units, which meant frequent practice with full-house magnum loads.

All jokes about recent French martial ability aside, their Gendarmerie and special service units have done lots of heavy lifting in recent years, and their preferred handgun, MR73, is a unicorn on American shores.

At least it was.

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