The Spice of Life

It has always struck me– since being sent outside as a grade-schooler by my Nana to yank up green onions from the garden for the soup pot, or tomatoes for a sandwich– is that growing one’s own produce is an admirable trait that should be practiced whenever possible. Basic adult stuff as much as learning how to drive a stick, change baby’s diaper, clean a gun, or apply a tourniquet.

With that, over the years I’ve run the gamut of “standard” veggies (e.g. tomatoes, assorted peppers, squash, beans, kale) and will continue to do so. Last year was a bumper year. This year, in addition to the regular items, I’m adding herbs.

And they are coming in mighty fine!

How many can you name?

Now, to try my hand at drying and storing these bad boys for future use.

One comment

  • Robert Gregory Evans

    Since rosemary is an evergreen shrub (or will grow to be one, given time and available space) there’s no need to dry it, just harvest fresh sprigs as needed.

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