So, Glock is Doing lots of R&D on Rifles

A series of innovatory rifle and carbine technology patents filed by Glock has been surging through the gun webs this week, causing a stir.

The fact is that, yes, a simple search of patents assigned to Glock Technology Gmbh over the past two years shows several for carbine systems logged originally with the European Patent Office. World-wide applications filed on behalf of inventors Elmar Bilgeri, Mario Kastrun, Josef Kroyer, Siegfried Sereinig, and Andreas Wutte, were registered by Glock in Austria, using the company’s Gaston Glock Park 1, 9170 Ferlach address.

Of interest, Bilgeri has a long history of firearm patents dating back to the 1990s with Steyr and is credited as being one of the minds that brought Col. Jeff Cooper’s Scout Rifle concept to life.

The patent drawings detail an adjustable gas block, a short-stroke gas piston system with operating rod, an ambidextrous magazine well for STANAG-style AR mags, a bolt assembly with a charging handle, and a barrel with a supported barrel extension.

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