Trigger D and the Undead

Say what you want about the lo-mo blood sprays and 1960s-era Canon Dream lenses characteristic of Zack Snyder’s films, but his new “zombie heist” film isn’t that bad as far as walking running dead movies go.

I caught Army of the Dead last weekend at the local Cinemark (although it is available on Netflix), as I just like movies and they are all but empty these days, with your closest neighbor sitting 75 feet away, and I really liked it.

Besides the 8-minute opening sequence (that should have been the film itself) there was lots of good, semi-accurate gunplay with a great variety of top-shelf hardware on display. The on-screen guns include all the sexy stuff with tons of 10-inch barreled MK18ish builds seen alongside a chrome/nickel-plated M92 with a Krinkov-style triangle buttstock, an IWI Tavor, an FN SCAR with attached 40mm FN40GL, M2 BMGs set to full rock-and-roll, and an HK MP7, among others.

The “Soccer Mom” character, seen just in the opening, is striking and should have gotten her own movie.

Further, the actors had to run through a mini “boot camp” ala John Wick/Saving Private Ryan where they spent a full week drilling “on weapons nomenclature, gun handling, stance, weapon manipulation, moving with a weapon, and working as a cohesive unit.” Let’s be honest, this is more training than most of the county’s gun owners seek out.

The promo material shows the film’s actors, equipped with everything from Colt shorties to West German-made Sig P226s and everything in between, all remarkably using good trigger discipline. (Photos: Netflix/Zac Snyder)

In the end, it isn’t a game-changing film, but it was at least entertaining. If you are into guns, or zombies, or both, you could do far worse.

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