Huge Batch-o-M1 Carbines Headed to Market

The good news: Midway USA recently just imported a few containerloads of WWII vintage M1 Carbines back from Europe, where they have apparently been in Italian arsenal storage for years.

“Per our supplier, these guns are believed to have come directly from use in the European theatre of WWII, eventually making their way to the Italian Armed forces. From there they went to the Carabinieri – the Italian National Police – and have been in storage since the early 1950s. There are no records indicating how the Italian Armed Forces came into possession of these WWII M1 Carbines.”

As noted by Midway:

This single lot of M1 Carbines includes guns from 9 manufacturers with serial number ranges indicating production years from 1942-1945. Conditions offered will be “Fine”, “Very Good to Fine”, “Good to Very Good” and “Fair to Good”. We used the NRA Firearm Condition Standards for guns of this era as our guide to grade these fantastic guns. Many different product numbers will be offered to indicate manufacturer, variant and condition.

National Postal Meter
Quality Hardware
Standard Products
Saginaw – Variants S.G and S’G’
Underwood – Variants B, S, T and W marked receivers

Between the models, subvariants, and the grading of each, Midway has identified 100 variations of these M1 Carbines.

The bad news: The pricing seems pretty high, starting at $1,149 and going up from there, with no guarantee of working.

Plus, they all have import marks.


However, barring the pie-in-the-sky of those South Korean guns ever returning home, this may be one of the last large groups of vintage M1 Carbines to make it to market. 

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