HK USC: Takes a lickin, keeps on tickin, ja!

Heckler & Koch last week showed off one of its German-made pistols that survived a massive number of rounds before it needed repair.

The gun, a standard-length 9mm HK USP with a 2016 (BG) date code next to the antler stamp of the Ulm proof house, reportedly has 200,892 rounds through it before being sent to the factory for service.

“During those 200,892 rounds, no springs were replaced — no recoil springs, trigger return springs, or anything,” said HK. “It’s impressive, but not surprising that this pistol can take the abuse of alllll of that ammo, have minimal end-user maintenance, and keep on kickin!”

With that, it should still be pointed out that the well-worn USC is still only halfway to the round count seen by Chuck Taylor’s Gen2 Glock 17, which ate over 375,000 rounds between 1993 and 2018.

Sadly, as Chuck passed in 2020, we’ll never know just how many rounds he stoppd at. Perhaps he took it with him and will let us know when we get there.

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