The Ruger M1895 Does Exist

Ruger last week made good on its promise to start making new Marlin rifles before the year was out, releasing the M1895 Stainless Big Loop variant to the market.

The company, which purchased the historic Marlin Firearms assets for $30 million during Remington Outdoors’ federal bankruptcy auction last summer, has been teasing the return of the familiar line under new management. Christopher Killoy, Ruger’s CEO and president, this October said the company will begin deliveries of the Marlin Model 1895 in December and, true to form, Ruger showed off the first production model shortly after.

Now the 1895 SBL, chambered in .45-70 Govt, is shipping to distributors.

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One comment

  • Imagine another universe where Remington didn’t buy Marlin but Ruger did and kept New Haven open.

    I hope these new rifles are better than OK.

    I think Ruger respects the brand.

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