Palmetto State Armory Retro H&R M16

Ran into this at SHOT:

The company that owns PSA grabbed some legacy gun maker names from the Remington Outdoors federal bankruptcy sale, including Harrington & Richardson (H&R). While this sparked a lot of folks to think PSA would be making break-action shotguns for the budget market, they have apparently gone a whole new direction.

You see, back in the 1960s, H&R made early M16 rifles for the Army during Vietnam as Colt needed some help filling the needs of Uncle Sam. Relax, the company was involved in fulfilling small military contracts for the Army for almost a century.

H&R was one of only four manufacturers (along with Colt, Fabrique Nationale, and GM’s Hydramatic Division) to have ever made an official M16 variant for the U.S. Military. Due to their relative scarcity, all H&R military weapons are considered highly desirable by collectors. This vintage transferable H&R-marked M16A1 went for $40K at a RIAC auction.

Well, using NoDakSpud’s retro black rifle know-how (PSA recently acquired NDS) they are sending a classic H&R-marked AR throwback to the market. Receivers and barrels are available this spring. Complete rifles available later in 2022. No price was mentioned.

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