Clagamore, down for the count

We’ve talked about the GUPPY’d Gato-class “fleet boat” USS Clamagore (SS-343) a few times in the past as she is not only historically significant, long being one of the best-preserved of her type still in American waters, but that the latter distinction has been slipping steadily in the past decade.

The sub is reportedly now at risk of capsizing due to deterioration of the hull. What do you expect from being in saltwater for 75 years?

Well, according to The Post and Courier, she is taking on water and the Patriot’s Point museum is most likely going to get their wish and be able to reef her in the coming months.

From behind the paywall, the big nugget:

The leak can’t be repaired right now, for several reasons, the museum director said, making it “very, very unlikely” the ship will ever be reopened to the public.

Of course, the cost to reef her is estimated to be $2.7M with an “M” so she may just be towed off and broken up.


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