Next up due to Ukraine: Body Armor Shortages

Bad news folks, especially if you wavered for the past couple of years over grabbing some body armor for defensive uses– the war in Ukraine may make that hard.

With armor manufacturers already feeling the double whammy over the past two years of the tough labor market due to the COVID crisis and more expensive/harder-to-find material problems due to the “supply chain crisis,” Ukraine could be a third hurdle to jump.

Already, there have been reports of Americans buying up armor in quantity (as in thousands of sets at a time) to send overseas (ITAR? what do you mean ITAR?) to aid the Ukrainians.

More on this from Copper Jacket TV, who says exporters are also now crowding into the market.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure the Ukrainians need it– they probably need everything– and I am not begrudging them armor. Just saying that if you or your department is looking to get some, you may want to go ahead and grab it while you can get it because there is likely to be a shortage lasting a few quarters on the horizon as inventory vanishes.

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