Vale, James Bama

A chronicler of Western subjects by way of the Empire State, James Elliott Bama was born in Washington Heights, New York, in 1926. Following a stint in the USAAF during WWII as a mechanic, mural painter, and physical training instructor after graduating from the New York High School of Music and Art, he became a commercial illustrator and covered a ton of pulp work, including lots of military scenes, Aurora’s classic monster kit art, and something like 62 Doc Savage covers.

You have surely seen his work. 

Mountain Man With Rifle 1820-1840 by James Bama

Wes Studi As Magua by James Bama

B-17 gunners, James Bama

STAG Magazine Illustration

1959 For Men Only Cover

Countdown for Cindy cover study Artist James E. Bama 1964

The Strange Kingdom of Marine Sergeant Faustin Wirkus 1958 Stag cover by James Bama

A member of the Illustrator’s Hall of Fame, Mr. Bama passed on April 24, 2022, four days before his 96th birthday.

Men’s Pulp Mags has a great interview with him. 

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