Onto the Ramp

“Onto the Ramp.” Artwork by Joseph Hirsch.

Lot 3124-3: Paintings of Naval Aviation during World War II: Abbott Collection. #47.

“Caught by the tail like some dripping sea monster, a Navy PBY patrol bomber is hauled from the water up the seaplane ramp at the end of a mission. Beaching these big, flying boats is a precision performance. Beaching crews must first wade out and attach wheel fittings under the hull to permit the plane to be rolled onto the ramp. A towing line is fitted to the tail, and up she comes under the tug of a snorting tractor. ”

The task of hauling the great flying boats and smaller floatplanes from sea to shore was a familiar one for the Navy’s patrol squadrons for over 40 years, encompassing both world wars. 

A line of seaplanes on the ramp at Trumbo Point Key West 1918 Monroe County Library

March 1914, shows the south-western waterfront, aircraft launching ramps, and tent hangars, at Naval Aeronautic Station, Pensacola, FL.

P2Y-3 flying boat on-ramp 1930s Earl Potter collection a

P2Y-3 flying boat on-ramp 1930s Earl Potter collection

Hauling a seaplane up the ramp.

VPB-54/VP-54 PBY-5A Catalina coming up the launching ramp note turret Fred C. Dickey, Jr. Collection NHHC

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