Bush hat aesthetic

70 Years Ago Today: October 1, 1952 – French Indochina. “Adjudant Louis Gire, head of the Gin-Coc post, explains to Commandos the tactics to adopt when moving on the ground for an upcoming operation.”

Photo by Paul Corcuff in the French military’s ECPAD collection. TONK 52-176 R55

Note the British STEN Mk II and beret on colonial trooper in the center while the sandal-clad European to the left seems to have a STEN Mk V with a wood stock. The colonial to the right has OF 37 grenades and seems to be armed with a Berthier carbine. Also note the leather EO two-cell mag pouches, worn two different ways. Also, you have to dig the French Mle 47/49 bush hat, “Le Chapeau de Brousse,” no matter what you think of the Indochina wars.

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