Psst. Boxes of Lugers, Pythons & P38s are inbound from Africa 

Ever thought the price on rare German-made Lugers has been over the moon for generations, making them impossible to acquire? Well, the good news for that is a huge shipment– we are talking cases and containers– is headed this way from Africa.

This includes P06 Navy Lugers, all-matching DWM Lugers, Persian contract Artillery Lugers, Kreighoff Lugers– the holy grail of Lugerdom!– and VoPo Lugers, some kept in German arsenal storage as late as the 1980s.

Krieghoff built a total of just 13,825 Luger pistols, with most of these going to the Luftwaffe between 1935 and 1937

Added to this are everything from S&W Model 28s and Colt Pythons, a Borchardt C93, Cz. 52s, wartime P-38s (the pistols, not the can openers or fighter aircraft), Italian revolvers and pistols of all sorts, Browning Hi-Powers, you name it!

Uwe from Royal Tiger Imports has the scoop on this haul, recently imported from Africa, in the below video from RTI.

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