Wheel Guns in Indy

So I am back from the NRA’s 152nd 2023 Annual Meetings & Exhibits in Indianapolis and, while you can expect lots of deets over the coming weeks, the two most interesting items I came across were new American-made revolvers.

As mentioned last week, the new Henry Big Boy series has been in the works for a while and the Wisconsin-based company has finally raised the curtain on the design, representing the first time a legacy American gun maker has entered the revolver market since Kimber debuted the K6 in 2016.

Offered in two models, both featuring a 4-inch barrel and unshrouded ejector rod, the Big Boy will be available with both a square Gunfighter-style grip and a rounded compact Birdshead-style grip. Standard is a polished blued steel finish with brass accents and deluxe American walnut grips.

To me, they look a lot like Colt New Service wheel guns but with brass accents.

I have to admit, they feel nice, although I am not a fan of the logo on the grips

Speaking of Kimber, this year’s new K6xs Carry model is the company’s lightest yet– coming in at 15.9 ounces. Built specifically for concealed carry and chambered in .38 SPL +P, the weight is kept down due to the aluminum alloy frame and fluted steel cylinder. With a six-shot capacity, it offers a bonus round over your typical J-frame in the same size and carries a 2-inch 5R stainless steel barrel.

Double action only (with a corresponding 9.5-11.5 pound trigger pull), it ships with Hogue rubber Cobblestone grips installed.

One comment

  • I am sure the new Henry’s are nice. But yes it is the aesthetics that is the put off. I am glad they didn’t go for an SAA clone too. That would have been a little too nose on with regards to Marlin’s new owners. So no brassy bits or logo and perhaps some stippling and adjustable sights would have been better.

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