Behind the Scenes with a Modern black powder cannon maker

As I have pointed out numerous times in my columns, yes, it was legal to own a cannon back in the day– despite what the President says– even modern ones, a practice that only changed in 1968. Even since then, it is still legal to get 1:1 scale (full-sized) muzzleloading black powder field artillery pieces and lots of people have and use them for assorted purposes.

This means that the demand is real for these guns, and there is a cannon works in Tennessee– Trail Rock Ordnance— that specializes in meeting it. They make a variety of mortars, Civil War period cannons (Napoleons, M1838s, M1841s, Tredegar howitzers, etc), Mountain and King Howitzers, Parrott Rifles, and 6 pder guns.

Shooting USA recently did an excellent 20-minute factory tour with the folks at Trail Rock, that I for one found interesting.


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