Give the People What they Really Want!

There are tons of Colt 1911 fans out there, after all, the pistol has been in (near) continuous production by the company for 122 years.

There are also tons of CZ 75 super fans out there, and for good reason, and the excellent shooting Czech 9mm has been cloned by almost as many people as the 1911.

There is a big Venn diagram of overlap between these two groups (myself included), and, with the CZ Group acquiring Colt back in 2021, this was one of the things the people who live in that overlap wanted to see– a limited-run of matched semi-custom CZ75 M1911s sets.

The 50 Tribute to Legends edition serial number range is COLT2021001 to COLT2021050 for the Colt 1911 and CZ2021001 to CZ2021050 for the CZ 75, which refers to the year of the Colt and CZ merger. The same unique serial number engraved on each pistol can also be found on the gold-plated base plate of its corresponding magazine.

CZ is holding an auction for NFT “Right to Purchase” tokens on its in-house Collector’s Hub for three of these sets which is actually kind of interesting in itself as, one could always hold on to the NFT for apparently years and then trade it on the Colt CZ Group marketplace for bitcoin or whatever without having to have the pistols shipped to an FFL and do a transfer.

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