About that Pistol Brace Form 1 thing

Ok, guys, if you don’t have a pistol brace, skip this one.

If you are one of the estimated between 10 million and 40 million Americans that may own a large format pistol with a stabilizing brace installed– which the ATF has arbitrarily said is now an illegal unregistered short-barreled rifle– and unsure what to do next, read on.

First, you have four choices.

  1. You can remove the brace and make it to that it cannot be reinstalled.
  2. You can turn over the firearm to the ATF for destruction
  3. You can convert it to a full-on rifle, complete with a barrel at least 16 inches long, and just slap a real stock on it.
  4. You can register it in accordance with the NFA as an SBR. For the latter, the ATF has been magnanimous enough to waive the $200 making tax.

As for me, I have several of these braced pistols and, while many would advocate non-compliance, that isn’t really a thing for me as I have several articles and videos floating around going back to 2012 with me using said items. Thus, I have a much higher visibility than most when it comes to this stuff.

Not to get too personal, but I have done a mix of the above options including Nos. 1, 3, and 4.

If you are curious about just how to go about getting your “free” SBR, which comes with a raft of future restrictions and isn’t an option for those in NJ, NY, CA, RI, HI, MD (if OAL is less than 29″), DE (Wilmington only), and DC, it isn’t that complicated to pull off.

I did my amnesty Form 1s via Silencer Shop, which charges $50 per form submission, but includes the fingerprint service via their kiosks (which are everywhere, I had like 8 in my small city of 50,000 alone), review of your form prior to submission by people who do it every day, an engine that files it all via ATF’s archaic eForms GUI, and a program that automatically notifies the local CLEO. A portion of that fee also goes to 2A groups to help fight such things.

It was an easy process and I have multiple forms now pending ATF approval.

The bad news is, “Due to popular demand and to ensure all forbearance applications are successfully submitted prior to the ATF’s May 31, 2023 deadline, the last day to start a tax-exempt Form 1 through Silencer Shop will be April 26, 2023. No new tax-exempt Form 1 services will be offered after this date.”

For more info on how it’s done, check out this video:

For those who are either too late to start a form via Silencer Shop or would just rather keep the $50 fee, Fudd Busters (who is a firearms attorney but not Your firearms attorney), has a step-by-step video on how to use ATF eForms to do a Form 1 for a pistol brace/SBR.

Remember, you have until the end of May.

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