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Answering those AR selection questions

As I have gotten a lot of questions on how to select an AR-15 in recent months, I put together some 2,000~ of basic information as to what features to look for, what they mean (e.g. the differences between 8620 steel and S7 steel on bolts), and what to avoid on black rifles.

If you are curious, check it out in my regular column at Guns.com. 

My $600 Six Pound AR-15 Build

Ever since Eugene Stoner’s innovative AR designs of the 1960s, the species has been manufactured using at least some plastic parts. Today those legacy plastics have given way to revolutionary carbon fiber polymers that have all the strength of forged steel with the benefits of cost and weight. One of the latest companies to take advantage of this material is New Frontier Armory in Las Vegas, Nevada who has introduced a new polymer AR lower: the LW-15. I decided to take a low cost approach to building my own AR from one of these lowers while going light and low cost.

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