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Vale, Chip McCormick

Texas pro-shooting icon, gunsmith, and firearms industry trendsetter Chip McCormick has passed. He not only pioneered the “drop-in” AR-15 trigger and the “modular” M1911, but also nearly perfected the M1911 magazine.

I remember getting into shooting 1911s in the mid-1990s and, finding myself plagued with mag issues, being told by several people that Chip McCormick mags were the tried-and-true solution to that and, to my delight, that advice held true.

Almost 30 years later and that advice still holds up.

Thanks for the mags, Mr. McCormick.

Big Green pulls it down at Bianchi

Sgt. 1st Class Adam Sokolowski in the Falling Plates, his last event to win the Bianchi Cup last week. (Photos: U.S. Army)

The U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit cleaned house at the 2018 World Action Pistol Championship with the unit’s SFC Adam Sokolowski walking away with the overall win.

The big showing by Sokolowski, who chalked up a perfect score of 1920-176X, means that he has cleared all three Bianchi Cup divisions — Open, Metallic and Production — in the span of three years. Besides picking up the cup itself, Sokolowski last week won 1st Place in Multigun Champion with a score of 3822-329X, as well as Service Champion, High Master, and Moving Target Event (Open), competing against 174 athletes from eight countries.

Can you say, upgrade?

The competition was held in Hallsville, Missouri this past weekend at the Green Valley Rifle & Pistol Club.

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