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The Oldest Gun Store in the U.S. is Now Gone

The John Jovino Co. gun shop opened in 1911 in Manhattan in the middle ground between Little Italy and Chinatown, just a block over from NYPD Headquarters.

Purchased in the 1920s by the Imperato family– who ran the shop and their Henry Firearms Company from its location until they pulled stumps for New Jersey in the 1990s– the store was iconic.

It was featured in films including Mean Streets and Serpico, as well as television shows such as Law and Order.

Crime scene photographer Weegee even lived in a studio apartment directly over the shop in the 1930s and 40s and captured the storefront, with its distinctive revolver sign, in at least one gritty nighttime image of Gotham.

Now, the shop has gone, killed by a combination of rising rents, ever-tougher NYC regs on gun sales, and the COVID-19 lockdown.

More in my column at Guns.com. 

What’s going on in the gun industry


It’s almost as if you could have prepared for this beforehand or something, but in the past week, people have gone berzerk when it comes to gun and ammo sales. It is almost as if people thing wild hyenas are inbound.

I have done my part to help on a small, personal scale. For instance, four of my friends/family members in the past week have asked me for guns or ammo for guns they already have but were caught short and I hooked them up. Don’t get me wrong, they are not inexperienced when it comes to firearms– so I am not concerned about training or safety issues– they just didn’t have them on-hand. It’s the same as with a car. For example, if a friend of yours with a driver’s license needs a car for a couple weeks and you have several, wouldn’t you loan them one?

Anyway, I can’t personally help everyone but here are some trends I have seen and heard of in recent days, for your consumption.

What’s universally white-hot popular:
-9mm, 5.56 NATO, 7.62x39mm ammo
-Any defense-style handgun be it big names like Glock and Beretta to smaller stuff like SCCY
-Low-to-medium shelf semi-auto centerfire rifles (ARs, AKs).
-Reflex (red dot) sights.
-12 and 20 gauge slugs/buckshot.

What is unpopular (i.e. still in stock):
-Centerfire hunting rifle ammo like .30-30, .270, 7mm-08.
-Oddball handgun rounds like 45LC, 9mm Makarov, 357 SIG, 45 GAP, 10mm Auto, .32ACP.
-Super high-end rifles and shotguns.
-Top-shelf carry guns like STIs, Nighthawks, Kimbers
-Bolt-action rifles.
-22LR ammo.
-Classic milsurp rounds such as 7.62x54r, 308/7.62NATO, .30-06
-Magazines seem to still be in good supply.

Take that as you will. Just passing it on.