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When things are so bad that you have to send it to the people

So in California, which has had an assault weapon ban going all the way back to 1989 and yet still have mass-shootings with California-compliant firearms, lawmakers tried to pass over 20 legislative actions on increased gun control this session.

A baker’s dozen of these made it through the legislature in Dem-heavy votes of which Gov. Jerry Brown signed 7 into law and returned five with vetoes.

Since gun rights groups and Republican lawmakers couldn’t derail these, a group of gun owners on a gun forum (Calguns) got together and decided, “Let’s try for a ballot referendum to repeal these…”

And that’s exactly what they are doing.

With a pressing deadline of Sept.29, they are trying to get 450,000 signatures on 7 different propositions. Of course, California has 13 million gun owners, which by definition should all be capable of registering to vote, so it’s not far-fetched.

I’ve spoken with the man behind the effort, a San Diego tech company executive, and it’s a hail Mary play with a lot of spunk behind it.

More over in my column at Guns.com here and here.

Philippine Resistance Revolver

diy Philippine Resistance Revolver nra museum

During WWII, Philippine resistance fighters found themselves with a shortage of weapons to use against Japanese occupation forces. Completely built by hand, this primitive manually-operated revolver currently in the collection of the National Firearms Museum worked in a pinch. Chambered in .38 S&W, it was built in the mountains of Mindanao using only a 12-inch rough cut file and a breast drill.

Workshop-Grade Anti-Material Sniper Rifle

CJ Chivers found another instance of a DIY heavy sniper rifle. Ever since the days of the Boys Anti-Tank gun and Finn Lahti 20mm, armies have been on the lookout for high-caliber rifles that could assassinate soft-skinned vehicles and strait-up murder a building. These guns are proving popular on the modern battlefield as they are capable of harassing fire at long distances as well as putting important bits of kit such as commo and radar arrays out of business with a well-placed round.


Read more about this particular 14.5mm workshop build here

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