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Souvenir of the Big Advance at Cambrai

Turned over in a police firearms surrender, a trophy Luger from a historic Great War battle on the Western Front is now in a museum.

The pistol, a 1911-marked DWM, was collected by the Wiltshire Police during the UK’s National Firearms Surrender this summer. While the majority of firearms collected will be torched, the Luger was passed to the famed Tank Museum in Bovington for them to display.

“Firearms handed into the police during surrenders are sent for ballistic tests to ensure they haven’t been used in crime and are usually then destroyed,” said Wiltshire Police Armourer, Jamie Ross. However, an exception was made for the Luger, which was transferred in unmolested condition. “This live firearm is a part of history and I know that it is a welcome addition to the collection at the Tank Museum,” said Ross.

The intact DWM Parabellum was made in 1911 and, brought back as a war trophy the UK, is in a holster marked “Souvenir of the Big Advance at Cambrai November 1917.” (Photo: The Tank Museum)

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Erma’s ‘Navy’ Luger Lookalikes

Erma Werke in West Germany made just 6,906 ET-22 pistols between 1967 and 1969.

This really groovy .22LR was based on the layout of DWM’s 1900s-era commercial Luger carbines, but they were billed in the U.S. when imported as the “Navy Model” to kinda cash in on the better-known P.04 Lugers for the Kaiserliche Marine:

I got to fool with a couple of these at Guns.com recently and wrote them up. More after the jump.