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Just some domestic AK pron from out west

A couple of URD SBR builds from Jim Fuller’s Rifle Dynamics in Las Vegas. The top rifle is a Pacnoir barrel, the bottom was done with a Vepr barrel and a refinished Romanian wood foregrip.

“The 74 URD, the fighting rifle perfected, no matter how you configure it the size weight and handling characteristics of this rifle performs beyond all others,” they say.

According to RD, the guns shoot just fine for the shorty barrels.

(“W)e have yet to get chronograph readings on these but they are hitting man-sized targets out to 500 yards, with the 11.5″ barrel the velocity loss is minimal. With 60 grn Wolf they hold about 2MOA, with Hornaday 1MOA @100yards.”


More on the Rifle Dynamics AK patrol rifles

A few weeks back, Jim Fuller (heck of a nice guy) posted some police trade-in AK rifles for sale which he had built about a decade ago for the Freeport, Maine police department.

These rifles were built from unfired Romanian parts kits with original CHF barrels, US Palm Grips, Gen 1 FSC 47 muzzle devices, Midwest industry rails, finished in Norrells Black Moly Resin and engraved “Freeport PD, Rifle Dynamics, Las Vegas Nevada.”

FPD put about 2500 rounds through each and ran them with Aimpoints, vert grips and lights, but as times changed and a new chief came in, they wanted to get rid of these guns and get M4s as there is no accounting for taste.

RD passed them on sans optics for $1,500.

More on the rifles here from a historical standpoint.

Will Russian AKs and Korean war surplus M1s come ashore post-Trump?


Some are hopeful the new management in Washington will be able to lift barriers to overseas firearm imports erected over the years, though the going could be slow.

President Donald Trump on Friday said it was “very early” to tell if the United States should lift sanctions on Russia, but that he seeks a “great relationship” with Putin and Russia.

On the campaign trail, Trump’s platform on trade concentrated on American jobs while floating the possibility of a tariff on all imported goods to help ease the current trade deficit. However, the Republican’s position on gun rights promised to curtail federal gun bans and limits. The two concepts, when balanced against one another, leaves open the possibility of action on foreign-made guns currently off-limits to buyers in the U.S.

I talked to industry insiders on both sides of the pond, the ATF, and the International Trade Commission to get the scoop on if bans going back to the 1960s could be reshaped.

More in my column at Guns.com

Moscow meets Utah

So SilencerCo dropped a new collaboration between Jim Fuller of Rifle Dynamics (perhaps the best AKs made in this Hemisphere) in which they take a RD501 5.45mm AK74 clone (semi, due to the Hughes Amendment, but with a 12.5-inch SBR barrel) and mate it to a Saker 556K suppressor. Of course, it’s $4K and there are tax stamps involved which are most likely not covered by that–but it’s sweet as a diabetic coma.

Rifle Dynamics and SilencerCo team up for limited edition AK pr0n 6 Rifle Dynamics and SilencerCo team up for limited edition AK pr0n 8 Rifle Dynamics and SilencerCo team up for limited edition AK pr0n 10 Rifle Dynamics and SilencerCo team up for limited edition AK pr0n 11Specs:
•    Saker 556K with Direct Thread Mount
•    12.5” Barrel Chambered in 5.45×39
•    Unique Summit Serial Numbers on Rifle & Silencer
•    Matte Black Finish on Rifle & Suppressor
•    Ultimak Railed Gas Tube for Optic
•    Made in USA Barrel with Black Nitride Finish
•    Made in USA Receiver
•    Classic Russian Red Handguard
•    Triangle Skeleton Side-Folding Stock
•    (1) 30-Round Magazine
•    Handcrafted, Collector’s Edition Reclaimed Wood Crate
•    Only (25) Limited-Edition Packages Available