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HST and some Greek F-4 Joy

Carrier Strike Group 8, centered around the late-model Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75) and with the Royal Norwegian frigate HNoMS Fridtjof Nansen attached, over the New Year conducted a series of joint military exercises with the Greek Navy– including the German-built Type 214 submarine Katsonis (S-123)– and the Greek Air Force.

The latter included a few of its remaining F-4E-PI2000 Phantoms. 

Truman, commissioned in July 1998, joined the fleet 12 years after the last carrier-borne F-4S squadron in the world (VF-202 “Superheats”) hung up their Phantoms so the event is a treat.

The Greeks ordered 50 brand-new F-4Es in the early 1970s– augmented by surplus Air National Guard and Luftwaffe aircraft– and still has 33 of them, upgraded in Germany a few years back, with No. 338 and 339 Squadrons.

The vintage aircraft are set to retire once Greece fields their new F-35s and Rafales.

As part of the exercise, Katsonis was able to get an epic periscope shot of HST, reinforcing how valuable friendly SSKs can be in tight seaspace. 

Torpedoes at work, Med edition

In a follow-up to the post on the German Type 212A submarines earlier this week, check out this SINKEX of the former Hellenic Navy transport Evros (A-415)— herself the ex-West German Navy Type 706 replenishment ship Schwarzwald (A1400)— sent to the bottom of the Agean by the Greek Papanikolis- (German Type 214)-class submarine HS Pipinos (S-121) through the use of a warshot SST-4 Mod. 0 Robbe (Seal) torpedo off Karpathos island last month.

The SST-4, introduced by Atlas Elektronik in 1980, is a Cold War-era 533mm heavyweight wire-guided/passive homing torpedo that has been replaced in German service with more modern fiber-optic guided torps. Still, it seems to work well enough to do the job against a stationary target ship, anyway.

In the video below, you can see the fish track all the way on the surface to make a near-perfect hit.

Of note, the Turks, who also operate German-made subs, had a SINKEX, two years ago, with TCG Yıldıray (S-350) using an SST-4 against a retired tanker, TCG Sadettin Gürcan (A 573)– of course putting the Greeks on notice.