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21st-Century Visual Aircraft Recognition

Spotted on a Ukrainian coastal craft recently:

Besides the normal MiGs and Sukhois, note the assorted drone silhouettes.

Of note, the U.S. has donated 62 “coastal and riverine patrol boats” to Ukraine since the beginning of the conflict with Russia. Presumably, these are all small enough to be carried in via Eastern Europe from Poland and Romania via rail (under 89 feet) and truck (under 53 feet).

Last year, it was disclosed that at least 20 of those were 36-38 foot aluminum hulled boats from Metal Shark in Alabama. 

Speaking of which, the Department of Defense this week quietly posted the latest, 34th, drawdown from DoD inventories for Ukraine since August 2021 which is valued at up to $350 million. Big ticket items include HIMARS rockets, 155mm artillery rounds, 25mm cannon ammunition, 81mm and 60mm mortar rounds, grenade launchers, demo equipment, more riverine patrol boats, thermal sights, and other gear. Also included were additional small arms– classified as .50 caliber BMG and under– along with associated ammunition.

Overall, this brings the total of American military assistance to Ukraine to more than $33.2 billion since the beginning of the Biden Administration took office– roughly the cost of three new Ford-class supercarriers. By comparison, Ukraine spent just $5.9 billion on its entire military in 2021.

When it comes to the running tally of equipment transferred from U.S. stocks to Ukraine this year, more than 150 million rounds of small arms ammunition have been allocated along with 232 pieces of artillery and over 2 million shells. Add to this over 1,600 Stinger anti-aircraft missile systems, 8,500 Javelin tank killer missiles, and 58,000 “other anti-armor systems.”

The full list, as of March 20, is below:

NSSF on Industry Sending Hardware to Ukraine

FYA, as we have some gun makers, dealers, etc that read the page, this via the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the trade industry for the American firearms industry:

How The Firearm Industry Manufacturers and Distributors Can Assist

NSSF® has spoken with the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington, D.C., to learn of what material needs exist and how firearm industry manufacturers and distributors can assist. Ukraine is requesting assistance from the U.S. firearm and ammunition industry in the form of donations of the following rifles, pistols, and ammunition:

  • 7.62х39 mm
  • 7.62×51 mm
  • .308 WIN
  • 5.45х39 mm
  • 5.56х45 mm
  • Sniper rifles chambered in .308 WIN or 7.62х51 mm and ammunition (including bipod and scope)
    • If donating a non-.308 “sniper type” rifle, e.g., .338 Lapua or similar, Ukraine requests that manufacturers provide ammunition with the rifle.
  • Pistols and ammunition chambered in 9х19 mm
  • Extra magazines
  • Spare parts

The information to put on the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS), -U.S. Department of Commerce export license applications is:

Intermediate Consignee
Vadym REMIZOV, Ukrainian Military Attaché in Poland
Jasionka 942 (Street Address)
Jasionka, Polska. (Poland) (city, country)
36-002 (postal code)
+48 691 846 921 (Phone number)

Ultimate consignee/end user Ministry of Defense of Ukraine
Povitroflotskyi pr.,
6 Kyiv, Ukraine
+38(044) 226-20-15

The end use is: “for use by Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces of Ukraine.” Since the ultimate consignee/end user is the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, no import certificate is required from Ukraine before shipping.

For questions, please contact:
Steven Clagett
Director, Nuclear Missile and Firearms Technology
Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS)
Department of Commerce
W: (202) 482-1641

Jeff Bond
Engineer, Missile and Nuclear Technology Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS)
Department of Commerce
W: (202) 482-0716

For any questions about the export BIS cannot answer, please contact:

Volodymyr Muzylov
First Secretary Embassy of Ukraine to the United States
Tel: 1-202-349-2949 Cell: 1-703-309-3847 volodymyr.muzylov@mfa.gov.ua or v.muzylov@gmail.com in the event the official Ukrainian email is not working www.usa.mfa.gov.ua.

NSSF will alert industry if Ukraine’s small arms and ammunition requirements change going forward.

The Ukrainian Embassy in Washington, D.C., wishes to express its sincere appreciation to the NSSF and industry for offering to assist Ukraine as it fights for its freedom.