Custom options for your Sub2000

Oleg Volk, has another informative post on CTD about customising your Sub2000 pistol carbine
Customized Sub2000

Customized Sub2000 with soon to be released Viridian X5L RS light/laser.

The first three parts come from Tacticool Products: a recoil buffer, a stock tube cover to insulate the shooter’s cheek from the metal, and a charging handle cover to reduce the pressure on the fingers when chambering a round. These add little weight and cost almost nothing, while greatly increasing the use comfort.

The other parts come from Red Lion Precision. This small group of firearm enthusiasts make high quality accessories that transform Sub2000 from a neat utility carbine into a robust fighting tool. The metal front sight replacing the original plastic part has U-shaped protective ears instead of the ring hood, much improving the sight picture. The vertical post sight is adjustable for elevation with the standard M16 tool. The compensator protects the muzzle crown while reducing already slight muzzle climb to nothing. Sharp teeth on the front of the compensator give more substance to muzzle strikes in CQB. The small rail under the front sights is for mounting lights in a position where their output isn’t partially occluded by the barrel. Most importantly, the ventilated railed forend is rock-solid and can be rotated in 90-degree increments without losing the zero on attached sights. That allows folding of the gun with optics and other top rail accessories still attached. Two Magpul parts go on that rail, the RSA sling eyelet to hold the sling and the AFG for comfortable support and recoil control. The rest can be read  here

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