Former USS/USCGC Mohawk Sunk July 2nd…

You may remember Mohawk from a Warship Wednesday column

After two years in the builders yards being born, then 13 years in the US Coast Guard and Navy including hard service in World War Two, 30 years as a pilot boat for the Delaware Bay and River Pilots’ Association, 22 years lying idle as a forgotten  ship, and 11 years as a restored Museum Ship in Florida, the 165-foot long Patrol Gunboat was sent to the deep in just under 3-minutes by a controlled explosion. She was 79 years old and has found her final resting place.

While the boat largely had been stripped, items such as an 18th century rum bottle with a treasure map inside, as well as a case of aged Caribbean rum, were left on board as bounty for the first divers.

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