The Zastava M92 AK PAP Pistol

Styled after the famous compact weapons of the Soviet Spetsnaz commandos, the new Serbian-made M92 has everything you want in a six-pound pistol.  Back during the Afghanistan war (the 1980s one with the Russkis vs. the Mujahidin, not the current one), Soviet airborne and Spetsnaz troops needed a more compact weapon to deploy when moving around the mountains and villages. You see these troopers normally deployed from helicopters operating at maximum altitudes in thin air where weight and space were at a premium. In addition, a favorite tactic of the spetsnaz would be to disguise themselves as ‘locals’ complete with long beards, pakol hats, and chapan robes to get into rebel villages. To be effective once there, they needed a concealable yet brutal firearm.

To meet this need, the Soviets came up with krinkov or krink. This concept took the standard AK74 rifle, and replaced the barrel with one that was just 9-inches long. With a folding stock, or no stock at all, the krink proved popular with not only the Soviets,
but with the rebels who captured them as well.

With this legacy, as soon as the Cold War ended, semi-auto civilian legal versions of this gun started coming into the US from Eastern Europe. One of the first in this version was the Romanian-made Draco pistol. You see, to keep the gun from being classified as a short-barreled rifle with the BATFE, civilian Krinks have no-buttstock and are therefore legal as pistols.

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