Gotta love an ‘end of the world’ Enfield

I’m a sucker for post-apocalyptic films (hey, I write gun stuff and zombie books, go figure).

One of the neater of the breed I just saw was Young Ones (its on Netflix). The sci-fi film is set in a post-drought apocalypse U.S. and has the always under-appreciated Michael Shannon as the main character. Overall the film isn’t that bad as depressing-ass, end-of-the-world stuff goes. Heck, when you compare it to the rest of the genre, is actually pretty good.

Anyway, Shannon gets big points for using this bad boy throughout:

enfield with mossberg

As far as I can tell its a Short Magazine Lee Enfield MkIII in .303 British (originally) that has been chopped down, its forearm removed, its stock replaced by a side folding tubular one, and a Mossberg 500 12-gauge riot gun fitted underneath.

In the film its simply called “the dually” and as you can see from this image with Shannon’s son using it, the folding stock has a pistol grip but the shotty does not.

enfield mossberg

Sure it probably weighs 16-pounds, kicks like a mule, and is front heavy, but you got 10+1 .303’s and another 6+1 12’s when needed.

Tell me i don’t need to make one…



  • Author: “Tell me i don’t need to make one…”

    Me: “Ok, ‘you don’t need to make one’.”

    But I sure do. DAMN that’s sweet as shit. I also heart post-apoc and have been toying with the concept of “masterkey” shotguns or 37mm flare launchers on non-traditional rifle platforms, like bolt and lever action guns. (Ever hear of ‘The Mule’ from the ‘Resistance’ franchise of video games? It’s a crossbow built on top of a double barrel shotgun! But, I digress…) I realize this is SHTF guerilla gunsmithing that presumably made that, but if it was me, I’d probably choose a Ishapore 2A1 rifle. It’s .308 Win/ 7.62x51mm Nato (Easier to find than .303 Brit in the United States from which I am writing, perhaps this is not the case in Canada and elsewhere). The Ishapore 10-round magazine is more rectangular and boxy than the trapezoidal and rounded Lee-Enfield mag, which I would use to my advantage thus: If the magazine itself can’t be utilized as a sort of grip for the hand that triggers the shotgun, than I would fabricate some sort of “stock” that replaces what’s left of the wood on the Dually that extends downward/forward that acts as A.)another contact point for the Mossberg, possibly attached with a screw that once retained the shoulder stock. B.) a sort of vertical handgrip (thumbhole?) that at least allows a few fingers’ worth of room for stabilization when using 12 gauge (like that dinky grip on ak-47 grenade launchers) and C.) formation of a magazine well for the above mentioned Ishapore magazine. Sure this is even more weight but this is the apocalypse, damn it! Your wratchet has to be built like a tank.

  • The barrels are connected together. Accuracy would be a problem if you make it. Make the 393 barrel free float somehow and good to go

  • The safety isn’t on top of the receiver so it is a Mossberg Maverick 88.

    I have a spare Ishapore so I might have to make something like this. :p

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