My homie Nikola Kovachev in Bulgaria just sent me one of his scalpedashi.

My mitts are pretty big, so the four inches of blade looks even smaller

My mitts are pretty big (hey, I’m 6’3″ and could palm a basketball when I was 11), so the four inches of blade looks even smaller. Which means it palms easy and if you have ever taken a knife combatives class, you know how useful that can be.

Its a small, fixed-blade EDC knife that is super sharp and fits well just about anywhere. Overall length is just 4.33 inches (110mm) with a one-inch razor sharp (not kidding) cutting edge. Blade thickness is a super thin 4mm, but don’t let you think its not rugged because it’s made from a single piece of D2 high-carbon tool steel with a 60 HRC and no added parts (save the little leather sheath-pull/lanyard) to ever break or wear out.

scalpledashi (2)

Note- The spool the dashi is on is a random bad art project work in progress, more on this later.

scalpedashi 3 I dig it.

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