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My ‘Less than two-pound’ EDC for summer carry

Here we have a S&W Model 642 Airweight in a leather Bianchi #6 waistband holster loaded with five rounds of 130-grain Federal HST +P that altogether weighs 19.6-ounces. Sure, accuracy past 15 yards is not as tight as a full-sized handgun with a nice long sight radius, but I can still keep it center mass out to 25– and with a little practice so can anyone. As there are only five rounds in the cylinder, I carry a pair of Bianchi Speed Strips with another 10 rounds loaded and ready inside a repurposed Altoids tin for an additional 5.9-ounces. Why the tin? It is actually lighter than any speed strip wallet I have come across and holds the reloads securely and rattle-free. On the downside, if someone catches a glimpse and wants an Altoid they are SOL.

The light is a Streamlight Microstream which is just 1.2-ounces with the battery and the wallet is a Magpul Daka minimalist which, even when loaded with the same stuff as the regular leather pocket rider, only weighs 1.8-ounces. Finally, for those moments when something sharp is needed, a Leatherman Skeletool KBx multi tool joins the crowd for a downright skinny 1.4-ounces and haves the benefit of a bottle opener, which is handy for those craft beer emergencies. All up weight for a gun, light, holster, 15 rounds of ammo, knife, and wallet is 29.9-ounces.

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Thinking about EDC with your Glock

My current "winter" EDC: Gen 3 Glock 19 in Galco Royal Guard inside the waistband holster, cheapo Cree LED light (they work well, are adjustable and are inexpensive if you lose them), Skallywag Gladium knife, extra mag.

My current “winter” EDC: Gen 3 Glock 19 in Galco Royal Guard inside the waistband holster, cheapo Cree LED light (they work well, are adjustable and are inexpensive if you lose them), Skallywag Gladium knife, extra mag.

With a dozen states now codifying the right to possess a concealed handgun without a permit and over 15 million license holders from coast to coast, there has never been a better time to practice every day carry.

A true EDC is one you are 110 percent comfortable with keeping 366 days per year. It is your “get out of trouble” escape plan translated into mechanical format. By pairing that one sidearm with its dedicated holster and accessories, you are making a statement in reliability. You trust that device in any situation, without reserve.

However, if you have a Glock, there are a few things to keep in mind.

The rest in  my column at Tac.44.com

EDC, South Fla. edition

With the heat and humidity hovering in the 90s, and rainfall being an everyday reality, my summer everyday in Florida consists of the following:

eger edc

Smith and Wesson .38 Spl Model 642-1 (no lock) Airweight with Altamont round combat super rosewood grips and fed with Remington High Terminal Defense 110 grain JHPs, a Five Star HKS style speedloader stoked with the same, blue Swiss Army Cadet, Steamlight Stylus Pro LED and a Seiko Solar.

Total weight, all items: 1 lb, 12 oz. flat including Bianchi IWB leather holster (not shown). Throw in Jeep keys, wallet and mobile device and you are good to go.

“A man mustn’t
walk without weapons
even an inch from home,
because he never knows when,
as he pursues his path,
he’ll suddenly need a spear.”

— Hávamál, stanza 38. (Advice from Odin). Source


My homie Nikola Kovachev in Bulgaria just sent me one of his scalpedashi.

My mitts are pretty big, so the four inches of blade looks even smaller

My mitts are pretty big (hey, I’m 6’3″ and could palm a basketball when I was 11), so the four inches of blade looks even smaller. Which means it palms easy and if you have ever taken a knife combatives class, you know how useful that can be.

Its a small, fixed-blade EDC knife that is super sharp and fits well just about anywhere. Overall length is just 4.33 inches (110mm) with a one-inch razor sharp (not kidding) cutting edge. Blade thickness is a super thin 4mm, but don’t let you think its not rugged because it’s made from a single piece of D2 high-carbon tool steel with a 60 HRC and no added parts (save the little leather sheath-pull/lanyard) to ever break or wear out.

scalpledashi (2)

Note- The spool the dashi is on is a random bad art project work in progress, more on this later.

scalpedashi 3 I dig it.

Some of my personal carry choices

I had a message asking for what I personally carry, so far as for self-defense. Remember to abide all of your local laws etc for your own choices. Well, here we go:

minimalist edc– My minimalist EDC set up includes a Smith and Wesson Airweight .38SPL in a Bianchi IWB holster with 5 rounds loaded, 5 in a HKS style speedloader, and 12 in Bianchi Speedstrips for a total of 22 rounds of Federal Premium LE +P. Knife is an old school Case folder and the penlight is a Steamlight Stylus. -It all compacts nicely and I can wear this with slacks at the office or out to the movies with no one noticing anything.

sig edc-A more comprehensive EDC that I often use is my SIG P229R DAK with a Galco Royal Guard IWB holster and a benchmade folder with pocket clip. For illumination, a Steamlight ProTac with aftermarket paracord lanyard if needed. Spare mags are shown in three different variants of carry. At the top a MOLLE style mag holder that can be reversed to wear IWB. Below that is a traditional open top kydex holder for two mags OWB (to be concealed by an over shirt or jacket) or, along the slide of the SIG, rests a hybrid pocket carry mag holder that looks like a pocketknife from the outside. I can carry the SIG alone, or one extra mag, or two extra mags, or heck, even all four extra mags should I chose.  This is my general teaching rig when I am conducting CCW or LE classes.

backup guns-Among my rotation of backup guns include from top to bottom: A Beretta 950 in .22LR, A North American Arms 22WMR, a Ruger LCP .380ACP and a little Davis .25ACP Derringer. They also work great for carry each and of their own.

Boys in blue and bathroom Glock mishaps

In recent weeks, a number of security and law enforcement officers have had problems making business in the water closet that ended with an embarrassing situation with their Glocks. This brings to mind, just what is your plan for when ‘code brown’ comes about while carrying?

srt glock
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Pocket Wheelguns

When reading James Rummels excellent blog Hell in a Hand basket I was struck by his recent piece on snubbys for carry.

In it he related the next best thing to carry, tracking the evolution from the snubs to the wonder nines of the 80s to today. Looking for the Next Big thing…Problem is, I never outgrew my Smith, in fact the old warhorse often tags along with me

Below is my everyday carry  or in todays hip lingo, “my EDC”

Smith and Wesson Chiefs Special in 38 Special, circa 1947. Pachy grips added about ten years ago. Stoked with five Winchester silver-tips. If i need more than five rounds i probably shouldn’t have been there in the first place. Good a go?

A Bianchi inside the waistband holster, rough on the outside, smooth on the inside.

Horn Spyderco

Seiko Coturna World Timer

Wallet, keys, etc…

I never feel under armed.