Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid

The modern equivalent of Han Solo’s DL-44 blaster, via SureFire:

The above set up consists of a Glock 17 with ALG Defense 6 Second Mount & mag well, Aimpoint T1, KKM Precision barrel & comp, and SureFire X300 U-Boat.

I prefer Inforce on my G19, as well as a mounted RMR and have always thought comps were unneeded on anything less spicy than .38 Super, but the above is still a nice blaster.


  • Pondering either a Streamlight or APL for my 19. Out of curiosity, why do you prefer the Inforce?

    • SureFire’s XC1 fits flush on a G19 and is smaller than an Inforce APL. I originally bought my APL for my G17, and it fits flush on that. However, Inforce just released the APLc which will fit flush on the G19 and G23, so there is that. The APL, in my opinion, has more ergonomic activation switches, the divot on the bottom of the light works better in Kydex for retention (if the holster is made right) and the light is sealed like crazy– waterproof to 20m– which some of the other makers don’t promise. Plus I like the momentary/constant control on the APL better (SureFires don’t do constant without keeping your finger on the same tab). Further, the APL, in my experience, has a much more “white” light spill than the SF, which is more yellow.

      Hope this helps.

      • Thanks! I was already leaning toward the APLc over the Streamlight or Surefire but I wasn’t sure if the lower lumens rating (200 IIRC) was that big of a deal or not.

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