Australian SAS belt kit, as worn in Vietnam by Don Barnaby, F Troop, 2 Sqn SASR

Description via AWM:

A composite webbing set, consisting of standard US pattern waist belt, metal buckle and ‘H’ harness suspender. The suspender has been modified with the addition of five nylon webbing M79 40 mm grenade pouches, cut from a US Air Force survival vest, which are attached vertically down each front suspender strap. A blackened round brass press button secures each grenade pouch cover.

Worn at the back of the belt is a large Australian 1937 Pattern basic canvas pouch and a British 1944 Pattern water bottle and carrier. In place of the standard Australian issue basic pouches at the front are twin US Special Forces M16 5.56 mm magazine pouches and two compass pouches, one containing insect repellent.

Attached to the 1937 Pattern pouch is another compass pouch, containing another insect repellent container and inside the pouch is a field dressing. The webbing set has been hand camouflaged by adding random blotches of green and black paint. A US issue plastic M6 bayonet scabbard is also attached.

Photograph from the Australian War Memorial, and is their property and copyright. They have a great collection of his gear on hand.

2 SQN, SASR packing list 1971,from “Vietnam ANZACs” Kevin Lyles, Osprey Publishing, 2004:

Equipment carried by each patrol member:

Weapon and ammunition, to include at least two XM148/203 and two L1A1 SLR per patrol

Compass & Map
Emergency/survival pack
Shell dressing (FFD)
Emergency smoke containers x 2
Water containers

The following to be carried on the belt or in pockets, not in pack:

UHF radio (secured by cord)
Individual sheath knife
Shell dressings (FFD)
Ammunition (except Claymores)
Smoke grenades

Ammunition, minimum scales per man (weapon dependent)
7.62mm 160 rounds
5.56mm 200 round
40mm HE & Canister x 10
40mm purple smoke x 2
M34/M67 x 1

Grenades (per patrol)
Red Smoke x 5
Yellow smoke x 5

Australian SAS captain Peter Shilston as Mike Force company commander–note the WWII-style BAR belt used for 20 round M16 mags and tiger camo

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