‘You are two men in a £15 Folbot…’

Commando officer Capt. Roger ‘Jumbo’ Courtney formed the now famous Special Boat Section (SBS) in 1940. Forerunner of today’s Special Boat Service, the unit used folding kayaks called folboats for small-scale raids.

These things:

Courtney wrote ‘The Compleat Folbotist’ [sic] in 1941, outlining the character of the kind of man suitable for this specialist task. Courtesy of the National Army Museum:


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  • When I was a kid in the 1960’s-70’s, there was a company that offered small, light, foldable boats of this type under the brand name “Fol-Boat “. I had seen ads for same in the back pages of Field and Stream back in the day. Being a child of parents who were less than wealthy ( WAY less ), such a thing was out of the question. I could not have saved enough for same, given the going rate for a kid to mow lawns back then.

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