Feldgrau is so hot right now for Fall fashion

This month Hermann Historica has a special auction, Die kaiserliche Armee in Feldgrau (The Imperial Army in Field Grey) which includes the famed Lacey Collection of more than 100 often rare uniforms of German uhlan, hussar, field artillery, Marine and infantry regiments from the armies (and sometimes navies) of Prussia, Saxony, and Bavaria. The prices aren’t as bad as you expect, with many of the tunics having starting prices of around 200-300 euros and cap visors less than half that.

There is, naturally, lots of M1910 and wartime grey uniforms, including this gem:

Tunic M1910 for officers of the Seebataillon, German marines

There is also a smattering of bright peacetime uniforms.

Uhlanka for officers in the 2nd Royal Saxon Uhlan Regiment No. 18 

Attila for a Gefreiter in the Hussar Regiment Landgraf Friedrich II. von Hessen-Homburg (2nd Kurhessian) No. 14 

And I thought this set was interesting: demobilization clothes issued of feldgrau cloth, for those members of the army headed back home post-Versailles. Swords to plowshares, it seems.

More here.

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