In Glockspeak, the G44 is a 22LR pistol

The big reveal this week in Georgia, after much fanfare, turned out to be Glock’s first rimfire handgun– the G44.

The Glock Gen 5 G44, left, is the same size as the 9mm Gen 5 G19, right, but is chambered in .22LR (Photo: Chris Eger)

Chambered in 22LR, it is a dead ringer for the G19 in size (though not in weight) with the same surface controls and trigger. This makes it an ideal training gun. Similarly, it is reliable as all get out, being tested with over 140 different rimfire loads by Glock in a developmental process that went back more than five years– hence the fact that the G45, G46, G47, and G48 have beaten it to market.

Further, it is made by Glock, and not by Umarex or some other third company as many other handgun makers do.

I am currently testing one extensively and will get back to you guys ASAP.

Until then, check out my column at for more info. 

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