For those who want a single-stack micro CZ P-10

Lots of CZ fans wanted a Glock G19-sized polymer-framed 9mm, then came the CZ P10 C, which was almost the exact same specs and Czeched a lot of boxes for their personal preference.

Fast forward to March 2015 and Glock released the G43, a single-stack micro-compact 9mm that was just above pocket-sized. The G43 proved extremely popular with the concealed carry/backup gun crowd and more than a  million were sold in the U.S. (they are only made in the U.S.) by May 2018.

Now, CZ has finally responded to the G43 with their new P-10 M (M=Micro) which is a doppelganger (dvojníka?) for the Austrian gun when it comes to specs while carrying an extra round of capacity.


Using a 3.35-inch barrel, the new polymer-framed 9mm runs 6.34-inches overall with a 20-ounce weight. Unlike the 6+1 capacity G43, the new CZ Micro has a 7+1.

More details in my column at 

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