Happy Pi-Day

In my own naval-heavy military history salute to Pi-Day (3/14), we take a look at the peculiar exhibition that was U.S. Navy pie eating contests.

Apparently, these were a regular occurrence at “steel beach” type gatherings on Uncle’s warships from the 1900s through WWII, especially on larger ships with well-equipped gallies.

I guess BBQ and pizza replaced it after that.

Pie eating contest On board a U.S. Navy battleship, circa 1907-1908. This view may have been taken during the Great White Fleet World cruise NH 106075

A pie eating contest On board a U.S. Navy battleship, circa the mid-1910s NH 106274

USS Wyoming BB-32, Pie eating contest on board, on 22 February 1915. NH 77036

USS Mercury.Pie eating contest during a recreation session held for embarked troops, probably while the ship was bringing personnel home from France, circa 1919 NH 98582

USS Maryland (BB-46). Pie-eating contest on board, during her cruise to Brazil in August 1922 NH 76520

USS Augusta (CA-31). Pie-eating contest aboard ship, circa 1936 NH 77855

Pie eating contest held during a happy hour aboard the USS SARATOGA (CV-3) at sea. NH 119205

Also, Marines like pie, too.

Three Marines hungrily wait for the first pie to come out of the field oven on Bougainville during WWII– Note the sweetheart grips on the center-most Devil’s 1911


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