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Of duck hunter camo and recycled popguns “somewhere in the Pacific”

“After the Marines captured this mountain gun from the Japs at Saipan, they put it into use during the attack on Garapan, the administrative center of the island.”

National Archives Identifier: 532383 Photo by Cpl. Angus Robertson, ca. July 1944 USMC 27-GR-114-83270.

1945: ‘A sniper is near’

“A Sniper is Near, and the Man Pointing has Located Him, Directing the Sharpshooter to his Whereabouts,” by Marine combat artist Harry Reeks (1921-1982). Via Prints, Drawings, and Watercolors from the Anne S.K. Brown Military Collection. Brown Digital Repository. Brown University Library.

Description: A Marine sharpshooter stands in profile with a rifle in hand, as another Marine points in front of them. The background of the image is left blank.

50 years ago today: A Chicago typewriter in Hue

His hand bandaged, Lance Corporal C.D. Bradford, a New Jersey native from Longbranch, hefts an M1A1 Thompson submachine gun with its stock removed during the building-to-building battle for Hue City. He was a radio operator for Golf Company, 2nd Battalion, 5th Marines during the fighting. The photo was taken on 5 February 1968.

USS Texas in original color

Thought you would enjoy these original WWII color photos (not colorized) of the old USS Texas (BB-35) taken in early 1941, just before Pearl Harbor to include her Marine det and deck. Her life was about to get very different.

More here. You are welcome!

‘They ran through the briars and the ran through the brambles’

203 years ago today: A small force of U.S. Marines participate in the Battle of New Orleans, repulsing the British assault on General Andrew Jackson’s lines. The enemy loses more than 2,000 soldiers, while the American forces suffer only 13 casualties.

This painting by Col Charles H. Waterhouse, USMCR -- Repulse of the Highlanders, New Orleans, 8 January 1815-- is from the Marine Corps Art Collection via the National Museum of the Marine Corps.

This painting by Col Charles H. Waterhouse, USMCR — Repulse of the Highlanders, New Orleans, 8 January 1815– is from the Marine Corps Art Collection via the National Museum of the Marine Corps.

From Leatherneck:

As the battle lines formed for the city, 58 Marines from the New Orleans Navy Yard took position in the redoubt next to the Mississippi River, where they were commanded by Maj. Daniel Carmick, a veteran of the Quasi War with France. As commander of the Marine detachment assigned to the frigate Constitution, Carmick had led an attack to spike the cannon in the fort at Puerto Plata, Santo Domingo, according to the Navy’s history Web site.

They also particpated in the campaign in several other ways .

A hot December

74 Years ago today, these Devils would probably rather be back home over an open fire than on a sandy beach.


Click to big up 1280×1582

Caption: The Marines Land. Marines hit three feet of rough water as they leave their LST to take the beach at Cape Gloucester, December 26, 1943

Checkerboards over Wake

After an epic two-week battle for the remote island outpost of Wake, 449 Marines, 68 U.S. Navy personnel, and 5 U.S. Army soldiers, as well as a force of civilian contractors, surrendered to a 2,500-man force of Japanese infantry backed up by a 19-ship armada on this day in 1941– two days before Christmas.

While transiting the area, Navy aircraft fly conducted a heritage flight off the coast of Wake Island in the western Pacific Ocean, in October from the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt.

Three Navy CVW-17 birds (NA tail flash), the top two F-18E/F’s from VFA’s 94 and 113, while the bottom is an EF-18G Growler from the Cougars of VAQ-139, over Wake. (Navy photo by Lt. Aaron B. Hicks)

A Marine flight consisted of four F-18C’s from VMFA-312, a unit that first saw combat during the Battle of Okinawa in 1945 and was credited with 59.5 Japanese kills during the war, also participated. As the “Checkerboards” C-model Hornets are a bit long in the tooth when compared with more current E-series Super Hornets, they are a good analogy to VMF-211’s F4F-3 Wildcats flown at Wake back in 1941.

PACIFIC OCEAN (Oct. 26, 2017) Four F/A-18C Hornets, assigned to the Checkerboards of Marine Strike Fighter Attack Squadron (VMFA) 312, fly in formation over Wake Island and the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) during a U.S. Navy Heritage event for the crew. Theodore Roosevelt is currently underway for a regularly scheduled deployment in the U.S. 7th Fleet area of operations in support of maritime security operations and theater security cooperation efforts. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Anthony J. Rivera/Released)

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