The Guards Connection

Check out this great image, circa 1901, by Mr. James Russell & Sons of Baker Street, London, fame. The seated gentleman is His Grace, Charles Henry Gordon-Lennox, 6th Duke of Richmond, 6th Duke of Lennox, and 1st Duke of Gordon, KG, PC. He is surrounded by three of his grandsons who recently returned to England from campaigning abroad: LT Charles Henry Gordon-Lennox, Lord Settrington of the Irish Guards; LT Hon. Esme Gordon-Lennox of the Scots Guards; and LT Hon. Bernard Charles Gordon-Lennox of the Grenadier Guards. All of them are wearing the South African Medal, having just fought the Boer, while Lord Settrington is also wearing a D.S.O.

Bernard would later perish near Ypres in 1914, as a major, and is buried there. Lady Bernard Gordon-Lennox remained a widow until her death in June 1944, during World War II, aged 67, when a V-1 flying bomb hit the Guards Chapel at Wellington Barracks and killed her.

Lord Settrington, who would become the Earl of March in 1903 and was a colonel of the Sussex Yeomanry (see= Gallipoli) in the Great War, would have a son that would die in August 1919 of war wounds, seconded from the Irish Guards to the Royal Fusiliers fighting the Bolsheviks in Northern Russia, age 20, and is buried in Archangel.

Brigadier-General Lord Esmé Gordon-Lennox would be the longest living of the above quartet, as he would survive the Great War and enjoy a ripe old age, passing in 1949.

As for Charles, the paterfamilias had previously done his time in the colors with the Horse Guards in the 1840s-50s and was an ADC to Wellington.

The Gordon-Lennox family has continued to serve, often lengthy military careers, in the Guards. 

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