Cold War Swiss Army Tactics

For fans of vintage military videos, here is something special, a series of three short but very informative period docs on Swiss Army infantry tactics and methodology spanning the chilliest part of the Cold War. Subtitled, they are a great and very detailed look inside the Alpine Neutral’s citizen-soldier military machine. They have all been lovingly preserved courtesy of  Dale the Stgw Dude.

SWISS ARMS INDUSTRIES: 1968 Vintage Film (w/ EN Subs)

This interesting film, most likely created to promote the new DTPG/GDR/GDA, explains the rational and systematic process of Swiss military equipment development, testing, acquisition and production. Overall, these images reinforce the doctrine of “total defense”, showing the close cooperation of Swiss industry, artisans and civilians with government agencies.

Swiss Army film F 665 “le Combat de l’Infanterie

This one shows lots of fieldcraft, artillery at play, subguns of aaalll sorts, defending trenches, and bunkers, –just all good stuff. 

Plus, there are all those beautiful Stgw 57s (aka SIG SG 510 or Sturmgewehr 57).

And a 1985 reshoot of the previous, including new weapons such as the BB77 Dragon ATGM (who knew the Swiss would use such crummy weapons!) and “Alpenflage” or “pizza camouflage” Kampfanzug 57/70.


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