Wasn’t the whole point of the P365 to make a 380-sized 9mm?

I was on the ground at SHOT Show in 2018 when Sig Sauer introduced the P365, a micro-compact 9mm– really the first in its class– that delivered a 380-sized carry pistol but with a 10+1-shot capacity in 9×19 rather than 9x17mm.

It was the talk of the show and the gun has become one of the most popular carry pistols since then, sparking a flurry of imitators from Ruger, S&W, Springfield Armory, Taurus, and the like. Hell, even Sig has like a dozen different models of P365, all cannibalizing the same marketplace, which is now bordering on oversaturation.

Speaking of which…

Meet the new P365-380, which is the same size (albeit three ounces lighter) as the 9mm version while only having the same magazine capacity (surely they could have crammed an extra round or two in there?).

Sig says the design philosophy for the P365-380 is to offer shooters– especially those with smaller hands or those that find the manipulation and snappy recoil of small 9mm pistols challenging– another option.

Plus, in my opinion, it also opens up markets such as in Latin America and Europe for the P365 where 9mm Luger is banned for civilian consumption, reserved for M&P use, but .380 is allowed.

More in my column at Guns.com. 


  • Alejandro vargas

    Why would anyone expect two more rounds over the 9 millimeter P365 ? Makes no sense, the cartridges are the same diameter. In Europe, in fact 380 is called “9mm Kurz” (in English, “9mm short). Which it basically is.

    • They could have accomplished it with a slight grip extension, or gone with the new .30 Super Carry which is a thinner cartridge that would have likely given it a 12+1 capacity in the same sized (10+1) magazine. My point was the move to .380 just doesn’t make a lot of sense.

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