Chow Hound, Berlin Bound

Here we see the Pluto nose art-carrying B-17G-15-BO Flying Fortress (SN 42-31367) “Chow Hound of “The Ragged Irregulars” of the 91st Bombardment Group (Heavy), 322nd Bomb Squadron, on the way to deliver some Easter Greetings to Berlin on 8 March 1944.

Chow Hound was marked Missing in Action 8 August 1944- exactly five months later– over Caen after flak hit in the fuselage and blew the aircraft in half. The debris crashed near the village of Gelnannes, south of Alençon, France.

Her last crew, with all nine killed in action:

Jack Thompson, Pilot
Co-pilot: Dave Nelson
Navigator: Charles F Bacigalupa (POW)
Bombardier: Chas Sherrill
Flight engineer/top turret gunner: Henry Kortebein (Korthbein?)
Radio Operator: Blake Treece
Ball turret gunner: Warren Godsey
Waist gunner: Dick Collins
Tail gunner: Gerald Gillies.

42-31367 “Chow-hound” Crew

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