Yes, Stoeger Apparently still Makes Pistols, and they aren’t that Bad

Beretta-owned Stoeger is upping its pistol game for 2022 with a new series of optics-ready handguns that are billed as “Every Day Tough,” and the STR-9SC is one of the more interesting in the series.

Established in 1924 as an East Coast-based firearms importer, the Stoeger name was acquired by Beretta Holding of Italy in 2000 and is now listed as operating out of Accokeek, Maryland, where Beretta and Benelli USA’s HQ is co-located. Stoeger has imported an incredible array of firearms over the last century but is probably best known when it comes to handguns while under the Beretta/Benelli flag as taking over the old Beretta 8000, aka the Cougar, which was made in Turkey until 2016.

The Beretta 8000/Stoeger Cougar is how most people think of the company’s pistols.

In 2019, the company introduced the STR-9, a mid-sized 9mm double-stack polymer-framed striker-fired pistol with a 15-shot magazine. Stoeger soon followed up with the STR-9C Compact in 2020, the STR-9 Combat in 2021, and this year the STR-9F– a full-sized model– and the STR-9SC sub-compact available in an optics-ready variant.

I’ve got a Leupold DPP 6 MOA onboard for testing and will let you know how the combo works. The weight of the STR-9SC with the Leupold and 11 rounds of 147-grain JHP is 30 ounces.

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